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Do you want to optimize the work process?  Lower the costs?  And speed up the process?

 If your answer to all three questions is YES, then Agilean is right fit for you.

Select your Work-Flow

Set your automated kanban work-flow process in 2 mins with “50 + Built in templates”

Templates categorized based on industry and verticals.

Make your own work-flow



Agilean enable teams to Setup  a project with customised phases for flow efficiency, create product backlog

Agilean is to set your Work-in-progress Limits

Flexible kanban boards give your team full visibility


Clear Visibility

More Clarity

Who is doing Vs What is doing

Gantt Chart

Visualise – Optimise – Deliver Fast

Planning and scheduling

Identify the dependencies

Determine the resources needed

StandUp Meetings

Run time discussion of a Standup meeting  in the form of audio, allowing us to get ready for the next meeting in the car itself.

Better team relationship and good communication.

Automated Action Points.

Release Road Map

Release Gantt Chart for crystal clear visibility

Assign your tasks to release

Find the status of release

Retrospective Analysis

Perform Retrospective Analysis for every release

Identify Action points

Improve your process and performance


Improve your team performance by real and visual report 

Burndown, team velocity, Impediment charts and many more


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