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Q1. Is this a hosted solution or do I need to add this on my server?

Agilean is SaaS based Enterprise tool for small and medium IT company for different verticals.

It is hosted solution on cloud, so you won’t have to add or install anything. Once you sign up, your account will be created automatically for you.

Q2: What happens when the 30-day trial is over?

The 30-day free trial is included with every plan, which means you can use it as much as you want with no restrictions. After the 30 day period, you’ll need to enter your credit card information so that service for whatever plan you select won’t be interrupted. If you choose to cancel your account before the 30 days is up, your account will expire

Q3: Do you offer discounts?

Qualified academic institutions, non-profit organisations, startups receive a 50% discount on server licenses with more than 10 users.

Q4: How secure is your site?

We use SSL encryption and are Level 1 PCI compliance. So you can be sure that, with Flow, your private data stays private.

Q5: When will I be billed?

After you’ve completed your 30 day free trial, we’ll ask you to fill in your billing information. That will be the start of your billing cycle, and you’ll be billed on that day every month. You can alternatively select annual billing for a 10% discount.

More About Agilean

What is Agilean?

Agilean is an AI and NLP-based SaaS Enterprise workflow automation and management solution that caters specifically to small and medium IT companies working with various verticals. Customizable, simple, and straightforward, Agilean helps set and automate your Kanban processes under a couple of minutes from the ground up from a selection of over 50 inbuilt templates.

Agilean is designed to streamline your workflows but also enhance your existing assignments based on the specifications of your organization or client. It accelerates and improves your capabilities for project planning, execution, monitoring, control and continuous learning for a variety of software and other industry vertical projects.

Overview of Agilean Benefits

Agilean promotes total transparency on all your projects, details, and more. The software delivers the most accurate and updated information about all your and your team’s work via powerful and beautiful data visualizations that are easy to understand. Improvement and optimization of you workflows are maximized as you and your team is able to spot bottlenecks and potential issues that can hamper your operations.

With Agilean, the feedback loop is quick and short. This allows for better collaboration and communication between you and your client, ensuring that your team is able to supply the minimum variable product (MVP) and validate. You and your team are able to quickly see and comprehend the value flow and process and determine processes that are wasteful and take them out of the equation.

Improving your team’s overall efficiency becomes easier. Agilean lets you take a deep look at the actual productivity time for cards without including wait time and blocked time and identify how you can further enhance productivity and deliver better, high-value output.

In the IT business, it is crucial that you keep your customers notified on every updated and progress. Your customers being able to provide their inputs and thoughts is equally important as well. With Agilean, your customers have a platform where they can supply you with their needs, wants, and more and you being able to respond as quickly as possible.